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About Anima


Anima is a consulting and coaching firm focused on innovation, culture, and organizational performance.  Merging management consulting rigor with the science of human performance, we help companies seize a future that is uniquely human. 


The company is led by Ash Robinson, who has 15 years experience making positive impact through human-centered solutions to leadership development, team performance, culture, innovation, and experience design.  


Ash began his career leading brand and patient recruitment/experience at a pharmaceutical research start-up, helping drive exponential growth and eventual acquisition. He joined Deloitte Consulting in 2009, where he began leading employee and customer experience projects on global M&A deals spanning 32+ countries, 100K+ employees, and countless customers and partners.


He then took a desired career step toward further blending his creative and business background, leading innovation and experience design for Deloitte Greenhouse, Deloitte's design-thinking, human potential-focused rapid solution lab. In this role he led 80+ immersive labs with c-suite clients, delivering innovative - even "out there" - approaches to problem discovery and solution development on a wide range of business topics. He also led teams responsible for innovating DG methods and client experience and guided the DG brand. The central guiding philosophy, which he conceived of and developed is DG’s Breakthrough Manifesto. Check it out on the Deloitte website.


After several successful years, it was time to go out on his own to further champion his beliefs in their purest form. Today he works with clients blending Story Thinking, experiential design, and strategic and value-focused rigor to solve brand, customer, and employee-related challenges.


Being equal parts business leader and creative, he is passionate about mining for hidden value by merging traditional business rigor with psychology and the story arts to drive true customer value, radical empathy, galvanizing leadership, richer discovery, better solutions, and lasting impact.

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