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My Vibe

In short

I'm a leadership and team performance and self-mastery coach passionate about helping leaders ignite their presence, power, passion, and possibilities. I help you Be You, Play Big, and Make Awesome... because the authentic, unburdened you is where the magic is... because you are meant to play big games on big fields in big ways (having a blast doing it)... and because you're here to make stuff - your life, career, team, culture, organization, community - awesomer than you found it.


Qualifications & Certifications

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BA, Psychology
BA, Theatre
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Master of
Business Administration
Certified Positive Intelligence Coach (CPQC)
Newfield Network Ontological Coaching Graduate
(Certification Pending)
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International Coach Federation
(ACC Pending)
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Hogan Leadership Assessments Certified

The Relevant Past

Prior to starting my own coaching business, I spent over a decade in management consulting, focused first on M&A integration and more recently on innovation, leadership & team performance, and breakthrough experience design and facilitation. 


At Deloitte, I led Experience Design and Innovation nationally for Deloitte Greenhouse, where I developed methods and facilitated hundreds of immersive workshops designed to drive leadership and team breakthroughs in performance and collaboration for the senior leadership teams of Deloitte's most prized clients.


I also conceived and developed Deloitte's Breakthrough Manifesto, which codified the methodology for sparking team breakthroughs and has since been published as a book by Kim Christfort and Suzanne Vickberg.


In addition, I led the global expansion of Deloitte's Executive Transition Labs and provided role transition coaching to over a hundred C-suite and VP-level clients, guiding them through the crucial initial year of new leadership roles.

More Recently

My current work continues the trajectory of transformational coaching and consulting, where I integrate extensive knowledge and experience in story arts, human performance science, positive psychology, organizational effectiveness, and ontological leadership and coaching. 

I recently developed Deloitte's "Three Realms of Resilience" framework and coaching programs, leading over 100 CFO's, CMO's, board members, and other leadership groups through immersive experiences aimed at up-leveling their mental fitness. 

I offer coaching in the the follow domains:

  • "Moving Leadership" (my unique method of bespoke executive coaching)

  • Mental Fitness and Self-Mastery - per Shirzad Chamine's Positive Intelligence PQ Coaching System)

  • Team Effectiveness and Performance

  • Authentic Executive Presence and Generative Communication


I've coached and delivered breakthrough workshops and consulting projects for leaders at start-ups and numerous leading Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries. I'm currently on retainer as an executive coach to the senior leaders of two leading Fortune 100 organizations.

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