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Be You.

Play Big.

Love Your Next Move.

Catalyze your leadership journey and access holistic self-empowerment to unleash your passion, potential, and possibilities.

Authentic Leadership
and Self-Empowerment Coaching

I help leaders on the move accelerate their path and success, master their mental fitness, embrace their innate authenticity and magnetism, and amplify their team's performance.


Hi, I'm Ash Robinson

Benevolent, irreverent warrior

for your possibilities and success.

I'm a leadership transition and self-empowerment coach.  For leaders and teams on the move - whether in new roles, looking to level-up, or optimizing high-performing teams. My vibe as a coach is benevolent, irreverent warrior for your holistic success. I stand for your performance and leadership becoming your innate, authentic self-expression. Because that's the source of the magnetism within that moves you, moves others, and moves your mission forward. Let's get fearless and warrior together to slay your next move (even when your internal and external status quo begs you to stay the same). 

Why Work With Me

A Breakthrough Mission

You identify with my mission and values centered on freedom, empowerment, and making awesomeness.

Powered Methodology

My unique methodology is road-tested, leading-edge-researched, and whole-person-focused for transformation.

Experience and Creds

I've coached hundreds of senior leaders at numerous Fortune 500 companies and have all the letters after my name.

I've Lived It

I've made big career moves and have lived the transformation journey toward greater self-mastery myself. I've been there. I get you.

My Mission is Freedom.

To make whatever you want to happen, happen

(and to assure it's the real YOU doing the wanting)

To become bigger and you-er than how you wound up being

(because we all kinda wound up being certain ways and with certain limits we didn't choose)

To build teams, companies, etc's better than what you found

(because generating something awesome and meaningful is the point)

I envision all of us free from the shallow demands of our collective, inauthentic 'modern spectacle'

so that we can all make something happen that actually matters...

to ourselves, to others, to the world. 


Authentic Self-Expression.

Positive Impact.

Bring. It. 


Science meets human-centricity

I coach from a powerful integration of disciplines designed to address the whole person and unlock transformation. At its core, my approach is rooted in Ontological Coaching, a profound exploration of being and perception that serves as the foundation for change.


To this foundational perspective, I blend insights from four distinct areas:


Somatics and Neuroscience

Performance and transformation at the intricate connection between brain, body, mind, and behavior (per the very latest in neuroscience research)


Leadership and Org Development

Leading edge strategies and methods proven to foster effective leadership, turbo charge transitions, and foster high-performance teams


Performance Psychology

Principles and strategies from positive, cognitive, and behavioral psychology to fully access potential at level of cognition, emotion, behavior, and mindset


Story and Performing Arts

Mindsets and methods of story artists that spark creativity, dig deeper into the human condition, and foster effective presence and communication

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