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Be You.

Play Big.

Make Awesome.

Learn to ignite the presence, power, passion, and possibilities of the Moving Leader within 

My Mission is Freedom.

I stand for expanding the freedom to be and act authentically, courageously, and powerfully in the world. Freedom from limitations, conversations, and cares we didn't choose. Freedom to embrace our whole, authentic selves (the source of magnetism and generative power). Freedom to be, unencumbered. And freedom to bring big, bold possibilities into being (for ourselves, others, organizations, and our 'worlds').


To make whatever you want to happen, happen

(and to assure it's the real YOU doing the wanting)

To become bigger and you-er than how you wound up being

(because we all kinda wound up being certain ways and with certain limits we didn't choose)

To build teams, companies, etc's better than what you found

(because generating something awesome and meaningful is the point)

I envision all of us free from the shallow demands of our collective, inauthentic 'modern spectacle'

so that we can all make something happen that actually matters...

to ourselves, to others, to the world. 


Authentic Self-Expression.

Positive Impact.

Bring. It. 


Hi, I'm Ash Robinson

Benevolent, irreverent warrior

for your possibilities

I'm a leadership and self-mastery coach. With ruthless compassion, I fearlessly call out whatever needs dealing with - whatever’s in the way, whatever you don’t know you don’t know, whatever's possible and not being pursued. Because I believe that you are already whole and complete and that you are here to make awesomeness happen. I act as the benevolent, irreverent warrior for the revealing of your whole, authentic self and the realization of your power, potential, and possibilities.


A powerful merging of disciplines

I coach from a powerful integration of disciplines designed to address the whole person and unlock transformation. At its core, my approach is rooted in Ontological Coaching, a profound exploration of being and perception that serves as the foundation for change.


To this foundational perspective, I blend insights from four distinct areas:


Somatics and Neuroscience

Addressing performance and transformation at the intricate connection between brain, body, mind, and behavior (per the very latest in neuroscience research)


Leadership and Org Development

Offering leading edge strategies proven to foster effective leadership and high-functioning teams


Performance Psychology

Leveraging principles and strategies from positive, cognitive, and behavioral psychology to fully access potential at the mind level


Story and Performing Arts

Leaning into the mindsets and methods of story artists to engage creative, nonlinear mind function and dig deeper into the human condition

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