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Leadership Transition Amplifier

An executive coaching program for leaders new in role 
Clarify your mission and efforts.
Optimize your relationships and team.
Amplify your purpose, power, passion, and possibilities.

Nearly half of leadership transitions fail.

According to research by McKinsey, up to 46% of leadership transitions are regarded as disappointments or outright failures after two years. This finding held true for both internal promotes and external hires, including leaders regarded as highly successful and effective in their prior roles.

And the reasons are clear.

Numerous studies have shown that these leaders fail because they neglect, deprioritize, or delay action in the following six critical areas:

 Fostering Horizontal Relationships

Proactively building bridges with peers, engaging with key stakeholders across the organization to foster collaboration and mutual support

Building High Performing, Strategy-Fit Teams

Assembling teams whose skills and strengths align with strategic objectives, ensuring effective execution and organizational alignment

Understanding and Optimizing Culture

Deeply comprehending the organizational culture and leveraging or transforming it to drive change and enhance performance

Learning and Listening
Before Acting

Taking time to gather insights and understand the organizational dynamics before implementing changes, thus avoiding missteps

 Proactively Focusing Their Time (and Calendar) on Impact

Prioritizing activities that deliver the greatest value, strategically focusing time on high-impact efforts rather than defaulting to the day-to-day

Developing Themselves Holistically

Investing in emotional, mental, and leadership skill growth to adapt effectively and lead with resilience, authenticity, and magnetism

Leaders' lived experiences echo these challenges.

A new leader is on the ground running. Excited. And at the same time, they realize there's so much to learn; so much they don't know they don't know; so many competing demands vying for time, energy, and attention (with a truly out of control calendar to show for it); multiple stakeholders to serve; a new team to empower; a new landscape of relationships to build; big, bold impacts to make; quick wins to land; their own purpose, values, mission, and brand to bring forth; and their own balance, mental fitness, and flourishing to care for.

Transitioning leaders need a moment to step out of the swirl, breathe deep, and get strategic, proactive, and purposeful in writing their next chapter.

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Up to 74% of leaders feel unprepared for new roles.

But only 11% find standard  orientation approaches helpful.

These common sentiments echo
across hundreds of leaders in transition.

"There's so much coming at me at once that I'm unsure of where to focus. I need clarity, certainty, decisiveness (and maybe some mental relief)."

"I'm feeling anxiety, maybe even some imposter syndrome, amidst broadened scope, big expectations, and countless, fast-moving parts. I seek confidence, peace-of-mind, sage-like wisdom."

"I feel like a semi-outsider, disconnected from a cast of new players critical to my success. I need connection, trust, and support with colleagues."

"With so many complex competing priorities and demands, I can feel stuck in decision and analysis overload. I need freedom and momentum."

"I have a tense feeling like everything's on the line - career, $$, etc. I want to feel safe, secure, fearless."

"I have a brand new team I'm depending on and hoping will thrive. I want to assure I get the right team in place and set them up to thrive and deliver."

"It feels like everything is just happening to me, that I'm not choosing my path (and my calendar shows it). I need empowerment aligned with purpose."

"I feel the excitement - and pressure - of a mission bigger than me. I want this next chapter to mean something, to push me (and everyone) to a higher potential and sense of awesomeness."

"I'm 'new in town' and feel I have something to prove. I want to establish the reputation for excellence and results I'm known for."

Mountain Range

Leadership Transition Amplifier

The Leadership Transition Amplifier is a 6-month coaching program for leaders new in their roles. Together, we make your next chapter you and all your stakeholders. We aim to amplify your mission, purpose, passion, and magnetism. We fortify your mental fitness, a paramount capacity for leaders operating in a world of continuous disruption and unprecedented pressure. And we build confidence and clarity around your business mandate and priorities, team moves, and horizontal relationships.


Holistic Personal

Amplify your leadership not just professionally but personally, becoming a well-rounded leader who inspires and thrives under any circumstances

Collaborative Stakeholder Relationships

Navigate the organizational landscape with ease, building robust alliances that accelerate your projects and increase your influence

Fit-for-Service Teams

Build a team perfectly tuned to your strategic vision, where every member's strengths contribute directly to achieving organizational goals

Mastery of Organizational and Team Culture

Understand and shape the org and team culture so effectively that you can seamlessly integrate initiatives that resonate and succeed

Decision Making

Make impactful decisions based on deep learning of domain specifics, internal context, and external demands, setting the stage for well-received change

Impact and Purpose-Focused
Time Management

Focus your efforts where they matter most, ensuring that your time investment translates into significant gains for all stakeholders
(including yourself)

Focuse time and energy across four critical leadership transition resources.

Our unique, research-backed methodology goes beyond most transition coaching by focusing not just on what you need to do but who and how you want to be in this next chapter. We incorporate vast research and experience into the 'doing' of effective leadership transition with a holistic focus on the leader as human being.

The Four Fields of Leadership Transition


Clarify your mission, zone of genius, and brand; building mental fitness and wisdom; setting your L&D plan


Articulate your mandate and define your future-driving initiatives and related OKRs and plan


Map stakeholders and build a plan for fostering  collaborative relationships that move things forward 

Team & Culture

Assess your team and culture and set a plan to optimize teaming, performance, and flourishing

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Leaders and their managers love it.

Numerous studies and our own experience has shown that transition-focused coaching dramatically enhances business outcomes and amplifies the experience, power, and impact of new-in-role leaders. And the outcome data aren't subtle.


of coachees would highly recommend the program to a colleague
(Net Promoter Score = 90)


of managers would highly recommend program for a colleague's reports 
(Net Promoter Score = 85)


of HR leaders would highly recommend program for a colleague's organization
(Net Promoter Score = 85)


of coachees very or extremely satisfied with the program experience and outcomes


of coachees feel very supported in their transition (compared to 37% in standard onboarding programs)


leaders coached through transition, whether external hire, internal promote, or lateral move

Let your new role be your next chapter.

There are two ways of looking at a new role.


Either it's just the next job with new goals, responsibilities, skills, stakeholders, etc. to consider, which we approach with the more passive stance of "Let me see what this is and what I need to do."


Or it's seized as a major inflection point, a huge opportunity to look at not just what you need to do and achieve but also who and how you want to BE in this next chapter of your life and career.


To consider things like your "hell yes!" mission and brand, your authentic cares, old conversations you want to leave behind, strengths you want to bring forth, how you want to feel (and make others feel), and the ultimate impact you want to make on others. 

This second path is where all the stuff and substance of vitality, passion, energy, and impact will be.

So let's write your next awesome chapter
before it writes itself.

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Why This Coaching Program?

Robust Transition Methodology

We'll stand on a proven method that covers Mission & Priorities, Team, Relationships, and Learning.

Holistic Process and Insight Gathering

We'll work from a set process, powerful assessments, and stakeholder interviews for 360 insights.

A Focus on Self and Conversation

We'll go beyond a focus on doing to look at self-empowerment and the generative  conversation realm.

Experience, Creds, and Results

I've coached countless Fortuen 500 senior leaders in transition to tangible action and results.

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