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Leadership Transition Jumpstart

Are you new in your role and looking to accelerate your progress and impact?

A coaching program aimed at focusing your efforts, fortifying your relationships and team, and amplifying your mental fitness, magnetism, and mission

Because Your New Role
is Your Next Chapter

And a lot is coming at you at once.

Let's write that next chapter
before it writes itself.

You're Feeling It.

Excitement, opportunity, energy.

And's a lot.

You're on the ground running. You're excited. And at the same time, you realize there's so much to learn; so much you don't know you don't know; so many competing demands vying for your time, energy, and attention (with a truly out of control calendar to show for it); multiple stakeholders to serve; a new team to empower; a new landscape of relationships to fortify; big, bold impacts to make; quick wins to land; your own purpose, values, mission, and brand to bring forth; and your own balance, mental fitness, and flourishing to care for.

Take a moment to step out of the swirl, breathe deep, and get strategic, proactive, and purposeful in writing your next chapter.

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How Many of These Sound Familiar?

There's so much coming at you at once that you're unsure of where to focus. You need clarity, certainty, decisiveness (and maybe some mental relief).

You're feeling anxiety, maybe even some imposter syndrome, amidst broadened scope, big expectations, and countless, fast-moving parts. You want confidence, peace-of-mind, sage-like wisdom.

You feel like a semi-outsider, disconnected from a cast of new players critical to your success. You seek connection, trust, and support with colleagues.

With so many complex competing priorities and demands, you feel stuck in decision and analysis overload. You need freedom and momentum.

You have a tense feeling like everything's on the line - career, $$, etc. You want to feel safe, secure, fearless.

You have a brand new team you're depending on and hoping will thrive. You want to feel confident with a thriving, kickass team.

It kind feels like everything is just happening to you, that you're not choosing your path (and your calendar shows it). You want empowerment aligned with purpose.

You feel the excitement - and pressure - of a mission bigger than you. You want this next chapter to mean something, to push you (and everyone) to a higher potential and sense of awesomeness.

You're 'new in town' and feel you have something to prove. You want the reputation for excellence and results you're known for.

Leadership Transition Jumpstart

The Leadership Transition Jumpstart is an executive coaching program for leaders new in their roles. Together, we aim to get you up and running with confidence and certainty while also addressing the mental fitness required of leaders operating in a world of continuous disruption and competing demands. And we address the beingness of this next chapter of your story -


Who and how do you want to be going forward?

In life and as an authentic, empowered leader?


What didn't serve you in that past that you now want to leave behind?

Conversations, experiences, limits, fears, emotions?


What do you want to care about now?

What authentic cares will you choose, vs. defaulting into what you were caring about before?

What's your mission, your why, for yourself and others?

What big possibility do you want to stand for and inspire others toward?

Why This Coaching Program?

Robust Transition Methodology

We'll stand on a proven method that covers Mission & Priorities, Team, Relationships, and Learning.

Holistic Process and Insight Gathering

We'll work from a set process, powerful assessments, and stakeholder interviews for 360 insights.

A Focus on Self and Conversation

We'll go beyond a focus on doing to look at self-empowerment and the generative  conversation realm.

Experience, Creds, and Results

I've coached countless Fortuen 500 senior leaders in transition to tangible action and results.

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